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Choosing the right Bridal Makeup for you ||


In my opinion your bridal makeup is one of the most important details of your wedding. Why? You may ask. Yes, your dress is a big part of your wedding day (that’s what every little girl dreams about after all), your hair as well since it is a part of you, and most definitely that groom holding your hand. I fully believe that your face is the window to your innermost self, your true self. On one of the biggest, most special days of your life, I feel as though your face and your eyes should reflect who you truly are. If you are planning on wearing makeup on that day then that can completely affect what people see when they see you. This is why I decided to write up this blog post. Yes, to be helpful to all of our brides here in Asheville NC, but also for just any bride needing a few helpful tips in preparation for meeting with their own makeup artist. Sometimes I think we forget that our faces are what people will be looking at most on that beautiful day. Whether you are more of a natural makeup wearer or a dramatic makeup wearer, it should always reflect who you are and help you feel comfortable in your skin on that magical day.

It may seem easy enough to some, but often times we have brides come to their trial with a pretty clear idea of what they want, then once we have applied what they thought they wanted they realize that’s not actually the look for them. That it can be either more dramatic than they are comfortable with or just not enough when they thought they wanted a natural look. There are also times we have a bride come in not knowing at all what she wants for her makeup look and only realizing it when she is happy with her outcome or if she wants more or less than her outcome. Because of all of these uncertainties with trial runs, I have compiled a little list of ways to prepare yourself for what should be one of your most exciting days in your wedding planning adventure.

Educate yourself on makeup types||
This can mean a number of things.

“Natural” makeup // Accentuating your natural features. But keeping in mind you’re also helping them stand out in photography and film.

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“Dramatic” makeup // Having an entire face of makeup, from forehead to chin. Going heavy on applications of eye makeup, cheek color, lipcolor, and foundation. Sometimes doing a little something out of the ordinary. Or this can also mean just having one bold feature, for example your eyes or your lips.

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“Contour” makeup // The big new thing for people wanting to slim their face or change their shape a little. Not all contouring is the same for everyone! After all, your face shape is not exactly like anyone else in this world (unless you have an identical twin).

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“Barely There” makeup // Yes, I feel like this should be listed. Some people want hardly anything on their face. If you typically wear absolutely no makeup at all, this makes complete sense. Why pay for makeup at that point? If you typically don’t wear makeup, than having someone who is educated on different types of application is crucial. Artists can apply just enough to even and smooth out your skin tone and bring your eyes, cheeks, and lips out without making you feel overdone. But also making sure you aren’t completely washed out in your photos and film.


If we wanted to get into it a little more, we could make a list of smoky eyes versus bridal eyes, natural lips or bold lips, but I think we get an idea from these basic examples.

Collect examples of what you think you want ||

Powder Me Pretty Pinterest

Pinterest // The best form of searching out multiple makeup looks at one time and keeping them neat and tidy on the interweb and easily accessible.

Tear Sheets // If you like something tangible in your hands. Tear out all makeup looks you spot in magazines that you’re drawn to and keep them in a binder or file to bring to your trial run appointment.

Personal Photos // If you have photos of times when you felt like you loved your makeup, by yourself or another artist, bring them in! This is perfect for seeing you in the makeup that you may like again.

Collect The Following for Your Artist to Determine Your Style ||

1. Photos of yourself wearing your everyday makeup and your going out makeup. This gives us an idea of what you are comfortable with in your everyday life.

2. Pins or tear sheets of what you consider a “natural” makeup application.

3. Pins or tear sheets that you consider a “dramatic” makeup application.

4. Pins or tear sheets that you consider a “contoured” makeup application.

5. Pins or tear sheets that you consider a “barely there” makeup application.

6. Photos of your dress if you have already chosen one. This helps us understand your bridal style.

7. Wedding day inspirations // color schemes, themes, flowers, etc. Details that help us pinpoint what’s important to you and again, your personal and wedding style.


There you have it! I realize this seems like a lot of work for “just” your bridal makeup. But like I said before, this is you. This is the reflection of you.

You want to feel like your most beautiful self on this special day. The you that you feel when you think about who you are, the you that you know you truly are.

Whether it’s the “barely there” makeup girl or the “dramatic” makeup girl, or anywhere in between. Whoever you are is beautiful and deserves to be seen and admired everyday, but most importantly on YOUR day!

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